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What Is PPC & How Paid Search Marketing Works?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is Associate in Nursing advertising model that lets advertisers place ads on an ad platform and pay the host of the platform once their ad is clicked. The goal of the ad is to steer the user WHO clicks to the advertiser’s web site or app, wherever the user will complete a valuable action like getting a product. Search engines area unit fashionable host platforms as they permit advertisers to show ads relevant to what users area unit looking for. Advertising services like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads operate with period bidding (RTB), wherever advertising inventory is sold-out in a very non-public machine-controlled auction victimisation period information.

How Paid Search Works?

Every time there's an advertisement spot on a hunt engine results page (SERP), associate degree auction takes place for the keyword instantly. A combination of multiple factors, together with bid quantity and also the quality of the ad, decide the winner WHO can seem within the high position. These auctions area unit what keeps the gears of PPC moving. they start once somebody searches for one thing on a hunt engine. If there area unit advertisers fascinated by showing ads associated with a user’s search question, associate degree auction is triggered supported keywords that area unit bid on by advertisers. The ads that win the auction then seem on the program results page. To get concerned in these auctions, advertisers use accounts on platforms like Google Ads to line up their ads and verify wherever and once they would really like those ads to look. Accounts area unit split into campaigns for easy management and news of various locations, product varieties, or alternative helpful categorization.