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Empower your organization with Bathua Soft Fee-management software

Student Fee Management System


Are you facing difficulties in maintaining fee records? we've got developed easy computer code for you. Fee Management computer code is providing a straightforward thanks to maintain students’ past, future, and current fee billing/payment assortment receipts for tiny non-public categories. The fee module allows maintenance fee receipts and outstanding amounts of scholars. Fee Management System may be a comprehensive Student Fee Management resolution to change, contour and rework fee process to drive potency and scale back prices. change the gathering and process of fee applications from students throughout their entire educational career and mechanically post them within the student account. Collect and track every kind of student fee payments for courses, examinations, tuition, textbooks, library, bus passes, and more. This student fee computer code can facilitate the employees to utilize their time expeditiously. It conjointly reduces the overhead whereas aggregation student fees so management will utilize their time in alternative areas of the varsity. It conjointly encompasses a partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, fee relaxation facility, p.c discount, nonmandatory fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees, and separate conveyance facility. These options build the computer code a requirement for any faculty computer code or school computer code meant to computerize the method of student fee assortment. Student Fees assortment & receipt printing computer code is that the most vital department of a faculty, college, or institute. this can be the most important supply of financial gain and major activity of any day in any academic institute. in an exceedingly faculty, you may have to be compelled to receive fees from many students in an exceedingly day and issue receipts to them. This method ought to be in no time and correct

Features & Advantages of Student Fees Management System


Besides fee collection and receipt generation, the fee management system can assist the educational institution in various ways. Here are the key benefits and features that a fee management system offer:

Report generation

The advanced analytics and report generation facility offers fee receipts, fee payment reports etc. and assists in tracking the details of students who have not paid the fees.


The applications are easy to use and easy to implement. They offer a user-friendly interface that assists a user to smoothly navigate through the options provided in the software.


Fee management applications provide real-time notification in the form of SMS, email, push notifications etc. which keep the parents and students informed about fee dues and financial transactions.

Key Functionalities

Invoices and Receipts

The app provides you with a custom invoice options for tuition, hostel, library, transportation and all other forms of fee payment. Automatic generation of receipts and invoices is a notable feature of all fee management systems.

Fee Report

Report generation is another essential operate of fee management software package. The software package provides help to the directors by generating fee reports for numerous sections of payment like bus fees, tuition fees, admission fees etc. the applying provides money reports like daily, monthly and yearly assortment registers, student wise reports, records of paid and dues, receipts of fees collected, admission connected money reports etc.

Pending Fee Report

Manual calculation of fee paid and dues will cause chaos and errors. you'll currently solve this issue with the assistance of a fee management system. The code not solely provides details on the fee paid however conjointly generates unfinished fee reports that may assist you find the scholars World Health Organization haven't paid the dues

Fee Receipts Generated

A user will simply automatize fee assortment and generate receipts employing a fee management system. Most of the applications give straightforward invoice management that permits you to come up with and print receipts for all of the transactions. software package facilitates synchronizing period knowledge and causation notifications to the oldsters through e-receipts or the other suggests that

Program/Course Summary Report

The software package helps to get reports on fee details of assorted programs/ courses. additionally to tuition fees, some courses have non-tuition fees and such fees might vary by program or course. Generating reports on those fees together with the educational course fees is useful for the scholars and fogeys in following the payment.

Fee register

A register is crucial for every establishment to store the fee payment details of all students. college fee management applications supply choices to stay a record of all fee payment details of every student. so you'll eliminate the trouble of manual record keeping and eliminate duplicate information entry.

Other customized reports

Most of the fee management applications provide customised reports wherever you'll produce reports with in-depth filtering options. Through such reports, the directors will get an even bigger image of monetary management in their establishment.